Understanding Leqembi: 6 Things to Know About the New Alzheimer’s Drug

In a significant milestone for Alzheimer’s disease treatment, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the groundbreaking new drug, Leqembi. The medication is poised to bring new hope and treatment options to the more than 55 million people worldwide currently diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. To better understand Leqembi’s potential impacts, let’s unpack […]

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How Inequity Creates Barriers to Cognitive Care for Women of Color

Cognitive care is no exception to the racial imbalances Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American individuals experience in healthcare. It is a well known fact that two-thirds of the American population living with Alzheimer’s are women, irrespective of race. Yet, they have also been historically underrepresented in clinical trials and face more barriers to accessing […]

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3 Ways Your Cognitive Screening Workflow Is Working Against You

The challenge to diagnose and treat cognitive decline in our growing aging population is great. Alzheimer’s diagnosis in the US is predicted to soar (to 13.8 million in 2060, up from 6.2 million in 2021)—and so are nationwide shortages of specialists, including geriatricians and neurologists. This one-two punch puts pressure on primary care physicians (PCPs), […]

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Neurotrack Expands C-suite with New Chief Growth Officer to Accelerate Partnerships in Health System and Provider Markets

New hire to drive business expansion amid exciting advances in Alzheimer’s treatment and care (PRESS RELEASE) Neurotrack, the leader in science-backed cognitive health solutions, announced Shawn Lemerise as its first Chief Growth Officer to support the company’s expanding business. With more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Shawn brings his expertise in the health system and provider […]

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Coaching and Education Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk Factors and Improve Cognition, According to Early Results from NIA-Funded Study

Guided intervention with a health coach may be more effective for lowering risk factors; adherence is key (PRESS RELEASE) A new study by Neurotrack, the leader in science-backed cognitive health solutions, and the University of Arkansas, finds that after only four months of intervention, health education and cognitive health coaching can lower risks and improve cognition […]

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On Bruce Willis, Word Finding, and Dementia Worries

In recent weeks, the family of actor Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense) announced that he would be stepping away from his acting career due to an ongoing struggle with aphasia. We spoke with Neurotrack clinical researcher and speech-language pathologist Jennifer Myers, PhD, MS, CCC-SLP, about this condition, its connection to dementia, […]

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